Guy Cowan

Interview: Viccí Greén

Guy Cowan
Interview: Viccí Greén

Guy For All Seasons, The Questions.

Name: Viccí Greén

Occupation: Film Director

What is your favourite dish: I would say chicken or turkey are my favourite foods

What is your private comfort food: My private comfort food would be a carvery that way I can go up as many times as I want to refill my plate when I am feeling sad

Do you have a guilty or embarrassing food secret: I do have an embarrassing food habit, I usually half my chips before I eat them

Are you a cook, diner or both: I am more of a diner, I prefer someone to cook for me as I am very lazy when it comes to cooking

What is your favourite ingredient: My favourite ingredient is tomato ketchup it adds flavour to the dinner

Do you have a favourite recipe/cookbook: I currently do not own a cookbook or recipe book

Who is your favourite chef/cook, this interviewer excepted: If this is based by celebrity, I would say Jamie Oliver as whenever I watch his tv programs the food always looks amazing

Who would you have, dead or living, at your ideal dinner party: At my ideal dinner party I would have  Mark Francis Vandelli and Victoria Baker Harber from Made in Chelsea attend.

Does food play an important part in your working day: Yes food plays a VERY important part in my everyday life as I am always eating … I am not sure what would happen if I had to go without food if there was a shortage or anything like that lol.

What’s the most bizarre thing you’ve ever eaten: The most bizarre thing I have ever eaten has to be scotch eggs at my aunt’s wedding …. I had never tried them in my life and they just looked weird.

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever eaten: The worst thing I have ever eaten would be English bacon!! When I was 8 years old at the hotel we were staying in down in Southport…. It was so chunky and I could hardly chew through it ….I felt sick all day after it and have had nightmares ever since!.... even right now I feel ill thinking back…

Would you drive 400 miles for spaghetti: Spaghetti is not my favourite so im not sure about the 400 miles to get there

Were your parents and/or siblings talented cooks: My mum is a good cook but for anyone else in the family they aren’t that great

Are you Vegan, vegetarian, fish only or full carnivore: I would say I’m half vegetarian as I do still eat white meat