Interview: Ali DeFoy

Interview: Ali DeFoy

What could be a better way to start my interview page than asking the talented Ali DeFoy to share her foodisms with me?

Guy For All Seasons, The Questions.

Name: Ali DeFoy

Occupation: TV & Radio Presenter and CIS cast member.

What is your favourite cuisine: Persian

What is your favourite dish: KHORESH FESENJAN

What is your private comfort food: Desserts…. All kinds

Do you have a guilty or embarrassing food secret: I choose my starter and main course based on what I am having for my dessert.

Are you a cook, diner or both: Both however I finding time to enjoy cooking is not always easy and sometimes I don’t have the patience to wait and snack while I’m cooking.

What is your favourite ingredient: Turmeric! I think it has amazing properties and tastes amazing in so many dishes

What are your ten essential ingredients, think of being marooned on a desert island: Oh my…Turmeric, coconut milk, coconut flour, chia seeds, bananas, chicken, eggs, dates, chickpeas, coconut oil.

What’s your favourite piece of kitchen equipment: My herb scissors

Do you have a favourite knife: A sharp one

Do you have a favourite recipe/cookbook: I love the groovy food company recipes for coconut ingredient based cooking and Persian Mama website is my go to when I have time to cook a lovely meal.

Who is your favourite chef/cook, this interviewer excepted: I do like Mary Berry

Who would you have, dead or living, at your ideal dinner party: My family of past and present

Does food play an important part in your working day: Feeding time is my favourite time of the day…I plan work around eating!

What’s the most bizarre thing you’ve ever eaten: A cricket in Thailand

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever eaten: A cricket in Thailand

Would you drive 400 miles for spaghetti: No however I would for an entrecote steak!

Were your parents and/or siblings talented cooks: My gran was an amazing baker and my mum can cook very well!

Are you Vegan, vegetarian, fish only or full carnivore: I don’t like to put a label on it, sometimes I don’t want meat, dairy, gluten or sugar and other times I want it all. I just love to eat and enjoy being able to have a choice of what I want when I want.


Thank you Ali DeFoy