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Interview: David Hetherington

InterviewsGuy Cowan
Interview: David Hetherington

Guy For All Seasons, The Questions.

Name: David Hetherington @Chefhetherington #inkedchef

Occupation: Head Chef of Loch Lomond Arms Hotel & Luss Seafood Bar

What is your favourite cuisine. I wouldn’t necessarily say I had a favourite cuisine as such, I guess French cuisine is kind of what I was trained with, so the fundimentals always stick with me through my cooking, and somewhat what I look at in dishes. I like a pretty plate of food. then again I enjoy quick food, so Italian always lends itself to quick, simple tasty recipes.

What is your favourite dish. A dish that has followed me from place to place has been my heritage beetroot starter, its bright colours and different textures look great on the eye and eat well. I used to use drumbeg farm in Ayrshire to get great seasonal beetroots, though now we grow them in our garden, along with radish. I tend to always have an element of apple and goats cheese to accompany the earthy beetroot, as of now it is a twice baked goats cheese soufflé.

What is your private comfort food. Chips Cheese and spicy chicken, from Hot wok in Bonhill hahaha

Do you have a guilty or embarrassing food secret. Unfortunately I’m a glutton for sandwiches, in this hectic work environment the easiest thing is to grab a slice of bread and, well anything can go in a piece really

Are you a cook, diner or both. I don’t often get the chance to eat out, though when I do usually I have my two children with me, so it never tends to be anything too exciting. but most of all I am a cook, it is engrained in me.
What is your favourite ingredient. Apples. ask any of my chefs... “apples in this too?” oh, or thyme... and garlic, garlic is great too.
What are your ten essential ingredients, think of being marooned on a desert island.
Pasta Thyme garlic tomatoes Tea Apples Sriraccia Eggs Chicken butter
What’s your favourite piece of kitchen equipment. A Spoon
Do you have a favourite knife. I have a knife that I still use daily, it was a controversial choice as most chefs don’t like the design, but after 15 years I still use my Chroma Porche 301. though I have just been approached by a knife company, so we’ll see what my favourite knife is soon.
Do you have a favourite recipe/cookbook. I was always a fan of John Campbells Formulas for flavour, it wasn’t a big book, but it was enough for me to continue going back to. also while working at Riverhill in Helensburgh my favourite book was Yotam Ottolenghi – Plenty, what amazing flavours, it really got me into things like dukkah, za’atar and other amazing spices. I could go on and on.
Who is your favourite chef/cook, this interviewer excepted. this can change from week to week, but at the moment I follow Tom Brown quite closely he has just opened his new restaurant in Hackney (Cornerstone) @cheftombrown – Instagram. I love the simplicity of his food.

Who would you have, dead or living, at your ideal dinner party.
Wow what a great question.
John Butler – my favourite musician – The John Butler trio. Robin Williams – need I say more
Johnny Cash – id love to listen to his stories
Sir Alex Ferguson – Utd Fan
Slash – Just awesome
Christopher Nolan – Big movie fan, love his work My Dad
Does food play an important part in your working day.
Essential, I live and breathe it, foraging, thinking of new idea and of course my day to day work What’s the most bizarre thing you’ve ever eaten. I had shark eye soup once, it was like a bowl of leek and potato soup, with a big chewy ball of salt water in the centre.
What’s the worst thing you’ve ever eaten. once when travelling to Australia about 16 years ago, I bought some boiled sweets for the plane, they were mango flavoured. once on the plane I unwrapped the sweet and popped it into my mouth.... wow, it tasted like the worlds most off mango, it genuinely tasted like the way the bin juice in the commercial waste smells. it put me off mangos for years.

Would you drive 400 miles for spaghetti. One dream I have is sitting watching the sun go down with a glass of wine and a spaghetti ragu on a lake somewhere in Italy, perhaps Tuscany. ill make sure that happens.
Were your parents and/or siblings talented cooks. Absolutely not, my brother dabbled in it, so maybe he has it in him, my mum made a mean lasagne, but that’s where it ended. Although my gran was a school dinner lady and makes lovely home made cakes and scones. and I did enjoy visiting my Nana in Inverary picking brambles and raspberries and making Jam.

Are you Vegan, vegetarian, fish only or full carnivore. Full on Carnivore, for many many years I have hated vegetables, but in recent years I have managed to slip them into my diet. love cooking with them, and if I went to a restaurant id eat exactly what was on my plate, as I trust the chefs flavour combinations. perhaps it was mums grey carrots and brown broccoli that done it?