Guy for All Seasons
Guy for All Seasons

I'm Guy and this is my blog. I’m thunderstruck at the prospect of sharing my hedonistic panorama of my life as a pleasure seeking glutton. These culinary quests will manifest in various forms; simple restaurant reviews from my travels, be it in Glasgow, Scotland, UK, Europe or further afield. Then there will be recipes, food and cookery shopping trips, advice on knives, pots, stoves and other kitchen and dining room related items. Interviews with producers, retailers, diners, restaurant staff. I will demonstrate how simple it is to go from a life of processed, sanitised and nutrition-less food to a varied and exciting diet packed full of nature’s goodies.

The restaurant reviews with be seen through my eyes, they will be for the enlightenment, education and amusement of those who follow. Perhaps my opinions will be unconventional but they will always be honest.

Cookery demonstrations will be based around either straightforward ‘how to’ clips of my favourite dishes or the specialities of others I admire and respect, hopefully with guest appearances.

Another angle that the demonstrations will be viewed from is the guest list, menu planning, shopping, preparation, serving and table chat with invited diners. There will be some very interesting and some well known ‘faces’ around these dinner tables.