Pickled Cucumber

This recipe mixes a little of the East; chilli and ginger, with the West; vinegars and olive oil to give a perfect ‘agro dolce’ pickle which will compliment anything from Parma Ham to Char Sui. The olive oil can be replaced or mixed with pure Japanese sesame oil. Finely grated carrot, or any thinly grated vegetable can be added to or used to substitute the cucumber. If you like garlic, whack some in. It’s up to you, but whatever you do you will have a simple and easy yet delicious side for your festive party table. Great with summer BBQ’s too.

1/4 cucumber sliced wafer thin.
If you struggle to do this with a knife a vegetable (potato) peeler is ideal.
Bell end of ginger thinly sliced then cut into fine strips.
Tablespoon white balsamic vinegar.
Tablespoon sherry vinegar.
Tablespoon Virgin olive oil.
Level tablespoon sugar.
Sea salt flakes.
Freshly ground pepper.
Red chilli, finely chopped. As garnish.


Mix all seasonings well, be sure sugar and salt are dissolved.

Add ginger - mix.

Add cucumber - mix, separate slices to ensure they are well coated.

Leave to marinate for 15 minutes minimum although longer is better.

Put cucumber in a bowl and pour dressing over. Garnish with chopped chilli.