Guy's Foxy Steak Sandwich

Guy's Foxy Steak Sandwich

When you want a sandwich that’s a bit more substantial than cheese and tomato between two limp slices of white bread this killer might do the trick. You can swap the blade steak for sirloin or fillet if your budget allows. Ideal fodder to feed your carnivorous family/guests whilst oohing and aahing around the bonfire mid firework display.


100g Scotch Beef feather blade, rubbed with salt, pepper, olive oil and lemon juice. 
2 sliced sweet & sour bread toasted. 
2 tablespoons of cream cheese soften and mixed with 10 seedless grapes halved. 
Tablespoon of spiced onion salad. 
Thinly sliced onion mixed with ketchup, sugar, vinegar and hot chilli sauce. 
½ red pepper roasted and sliced, skin on seasoned.. 
2 slices of tomato, seasoned. 
3 anchovy fillets, the ones in olive oil NOT pickled. 
2 tablespoons of grated cheddar cheese. 
1 pickled kosher cucumber sliced.


Spread both slices of toast thickly with the cheese and grape mixture. 

Now add the onions to one slice, topping with the tomato. 

Either grill or pan fry the Scotch Beef in a very hot pan. This cut of Scotch Beef must be served either rare or medium rare. Once you have cooked one side turn it over and sit the cheese on top. 
The Scotch Beef should be cooked in about 2 minutes. 

Put the beef on the sandwich, adding the roast pepper, anchovies and cucumber slices. 

Put the lid on and serve with chips.